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Fitness Class Descriptions

Pilot Fit 

Pilot Fit incorporates a wide variety of elements including cardio, weightlifting, body weight gymnastics movements, and everything in between. From running to rowing, from dumbbells to deadlifts, from push-ups to planks and from kettlebells to weighted squats, the possibilities are endless. Through fun, high intensity, boot camp style workouts, Pilot Fit aims at creating well-rounded and motivated athletes. All levels and athletic backgrounds welcome, no prior experience necessary. Get fit and have a blast!

Conditioning and Flexibility 

This class is a high energy workout that merges dance and yoga movements, and puts a fun twist on classic bodyweight exercises. The first 45 minutes of class are packed full of abs, squats, and other conditioning exercises designed to make you sweat and improve your strength. The last 15 minutes are spent stretching and doing breathing exercises to improve your flexibility and decrease stress. All levels of experience are welcome!

HIIT Class - High Intensity Interval Training

This high-intensity interval training class is a form of interval training where cardiovascular strength is improved by alternating between short periods of intense anaerobic exercises and less intense recovery periods. The first portion of the class will focus on exercises that will make you sweat and get your heart rate up. Exercises may include light weights and jump ropes. The class will progressively get harder, and then decline in difficulty, ending with an ab circuit and stretching. All levels of fitness experience are welcome!


Muay Thai Kickboxing is a fun and engaging martial art that improves physical and mental strength while encouraging students to skillfully and respectfully push past personal boundaries. Classes are designed to be friendly, welcoming and energetic. In class, students utilize punching bags and carefully work together in controlled settings to increase physical conditioning, concentration skills, self-discipline, personal and social respect. All levels are welcome and an Advanced Class is offered to students with a sustained practice.

Mindfulness Meditation

This class is an opportunity to take time out of your hectic lifestyle to simply exist in the present moment without expectations or obligations. Practicing meditation regularly has numerous neurological benefits including improved focus, lower levels of stress hormones, as well as decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression. The class offers tips to overcome obstacles many face in meditation, as well as guided vocal instruction to keep students engaged in the present moment. Whether you’ve only heard of it and never tried it, or you’ve already reached enlightenment and seeking time in your day set aside for meditation, all students, faculty and staff members are welcome to join this class.


OULA is a high energy, easy to learn, calorie burning, crazy fun dance workout to chart-topping hits. Classes are one epic hour of sweat, joy, body-toning, and total inspiration! OULA’s motto is: “It isn’t about how it looks, it’s about how it feels.” Here, you are able to get a little funky, let loose, and have a great time. All levels of dancers are welcome to come and participate. It is a dance party you won't want to miss!

Pilot Cycle

Pilot Cycle classes are carefully choreographed, intense indoor cycling that will make you sweat! In these classes, you will experience interval training that includes warm-up riding, speed building, hill climbing, sprints and recovery. Every drill is RPM-based and done to the beat of fun, uplifting music. Each instructor provides unique inspiration and charisma. Excellent instruction is provided for beginners, and returning students are challenged each time they participate in class. Cycle classes are a great way to build cardio fitness, leg and glute strength, and a strong sense of personal accomplishment upon completing your workout. They also provide a sense of teamwork!

Eclectic Flow Yoga

This class provides a dynamic balance between exhilarating movement and serene stretching. A variety of uplifting music and mindfulness techniques are incorporated to create an exciting environment welcome to all levels of yogis. The style of this class is grounded in Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. Incorporation of conscious breathing amidst movement and stillness is emphasized to calming the mind. *Please remember to bring your own yoga mat.

Centering Yoga

This is a very approachable Hatha yoga class for students of all levels. Moving between active and resting postures, this class has a strong emphasis on mindfulness and attention to the breath. Its engaging and lighthearted sequences inspire balance and flexibility in the body, as well as centering and calming in the mind. *Please remember to bring your own yoga mat.

Invigorating Yoga

This yoga class is designed to bring vibrant energy into the body, build physical strength, and focus the mind on the present moment. It is a vigorous practice that merges postures from the Ashtanga and Bikram yoga disciplines with a strong emphasis on alignment. Beginning with breathing exercises and sun salutations, this class will increase your oxygen intake and get the body moving! *Please remember to bring your own yoga mat.

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dance originates from the Indian movies filmed and produced in Bombay, the Hollywood of India. This class will teach you variations of dances from popular Indian movies while also spreading the vibrant culture that India has to offer. Each class offers new choreography, and students will learn an entire dance routine within an hour! 


Zumba is a high-cardio dance and aerobic exercise to fun upbeat music! With an interval-style approach to burning calories through dance party fitness, Zumba is set to Latin and world rhythms. Zumba is a great way to get a total body workout including cardio, conditioning, balance, and flexibility, without even feeling like you’re working out. Some say it is exercise in disguise!

Faculty/Staff Cardio and Conditioning Express 

Cardio and Conditioning express is a quick bootcamp style class with exercise routines geared towards those who sit at a desk all day! Designed to be a quick afternoon pick-me-up, the class is comprised of bodyweight movements that focus on strengthening the core, glutes, back and opening up the shoulders and hips. All fitness levels are welcome, and modifications will be provided as needed!

Faculty/Staff Erg Spin Class by UP Women's Rowing

"First and foremost, it is a total body workout,” says Head UP Rowing Coach Pasha Spencer. Erging is low impact, non-weight bearing, adds variety to a workout routine, and can help you perform full body aerobic and anaerobic exercise while sitting down. This class will teach you the basics of erging and is open to all levels of experience. Come erg with us!