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Equipment and Bike Rental

Equipment Rental Information

  • Outdoor Pursuits offers a wide variety of outdoor equipment available for rent to all UP students, faculty and staff.  Our inventory ranges from climbing harnesses and sleeping bags, all the way to mountaineering boots and ice axes.  Whatever your adventure may be, Outdoor Pursuits has the equipment to help you get there!
  • All Outdoor Pursuits equipment available for rent requires the completion of the Equipment Rental Agreement form, which can be filled out at the time of pickup or ahead of time online. Renters are responsible for loss and/or damage of equipment and responsible for any late return fee's of equipment at $5 a day
Tents Day (24 hrs) Weekend (Fri- Mon)
2 Person  $5 $10
3 Person  $5 $10
4 Person $5 $10
3 Person Expedition Tent  $15 $30
Backpacks Day (24 hrs)  Weekend (Fri- Mon)
70 Liter Backpack $5 $5
50 Liter Backpack $5 $5
30 Liter Daypack FREE FREE
Sleeping Gear Day (24 hrs) Weekend (Fri- Mon)
4 Degree Sleeping Bag  $8 $16
20 Degree Sleeping Bag  $5 $10
40-60 Degree Sleeping Bag (Car) $3 $6
Sleeping pad FREE FREE
Sleeping bag Liner FREE FREE
Clothing Day (24 hrs)  Weekend (Fri- Mon)
Wool hat FREE FREE
Fleece jackets FREE FREE
Rain jackets FREE FREE
Rain pants FREE FREE
Hiking Boots FREE FREE
Wind Layer FREE FREE
Cooking Day (24 hrs)  Weekend (Fri- Mon)
MSR Whisperlite stove W/ 1 can of fuel $5 $10
MSR Pocket Rocket 1 (fuel not provided) $3 $6
Cooksets $3 $6
General Day (24 hrs)  Weekend (Fri- Mon)
Trekking Poles FREE FREE
Water Filter $10 $10
MSR 10L Dromedary Bag $3 $6
MSR Wing Rainfly $5 $10
Hammocks  FREE FREE
Headlamps *Batteries not included* $3 $6
Snow Equipment Day (24 hrs)  Weekend (Fri- Mon)
Snowshoes $5 $10
Crampons $5 $10
Yaktrax  $3 $6
Avalanche Shovel $5 $5
Ice axe $5 $10
Avalanche Probe $5 $10
Mountaineering Boots FREE FREE
Climbing Gear Day (24 hrs)  Weekend (Fri- Mon)
Belay Device $3 $6
Climbing Harness $3 $6
Climbing Helmet $3 $6
Climbing Shoes $3 $6
Short Stop Crash Pad $2 $4
Full Size Crash Pad/Bouldering Pad FREE FREE
Bike Equipment Day (24 hrs) Weekend (Fri- Mon)
Hybrid bikes FREE FREE
Mountain bikes FREE FREE
Watercraft Day (24 hrs) Weekend (Fri- Mon)
Inflatable Kayak: Single (W/Pump, Paddle, PFD) $12 $15
Inflatable Kayak: Tandem (W/Pump, Paddle, PFD) $12 $15
Inflatable SUP (W/Pump, Paddle, PFD) $12 $15
Dry Bag 20Lt/10Lt $3 $6
Kayak/SUP Cleaning  $7.50 by staff FREE by renter (supplies provided)