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Bike Shop

The UP Bike Shop is within the Outdoor Pursuits Office in the Beauchamp Recreation & Wellness Center and serves UP students, faculty and staff.

Mechanics and spare parts at a low price.
Short-term bike rentals.
Helmets and locks for rental and sale. 

One free bike rental day per week, including bike, helmet & lock. $5 late fee per day.
Renter assumes full financial responsibility for bikes, helmets, locks, keys.
Lost key =$30 lock replacement charge
Theft or loss of any items= full replacement or repair expense.
Bikes are for short-term use.  Our staff can recommend local bike shops if frequent bike use is needed.
Bikes must be locked through the frame and wheel and to an immobile object with the cable through the additional wheel.  Portland has a high bike theft rate so lock it every time!

Portland is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the US.  Explore the many neighborhoods, food carts and Waterfront!

Rides from campus can take you

Forest Park is across the Willamette River and has dirt trails well-suited for mountain bikes.  Nearby access points to the Leif Erickson trail are located across the St. John's bridge on Germantown road as well as the end of NW Thurman St.

Sandy Ridge is a nice place to mountain bike with trails accessed from a central spine.  This offers all levels of riding with most trails intermediate to advanced.  Distance from campus is about 45 minutes.

Love mountain biking? Check out the Bureau of Land Management site for some great places to ride.