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Running Routes

Please keep these recommendations in mind when you go for a run:

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Run with a friend if at all possible.
  • Most of these runs should only be done during daylight hours.
  • Check a map to make sure you understand where the route goes before you start it.
  • If you must run along a road, run facing traffic so you can see vehicles coming toward you.
  • Wear bright and reflective clothing and run "defensively."

Want to map your own route? Try this MilerMeter


Pier Park (approx. 5 miles)

  • Head on Willamette Blvd. toward St. Johns (go under St. John's bridge and continue on Willamette Blvd).
  • Take a right on Reno Rd. (Cross Lombard St. and continue on Reno).
  • Run to Pier Park and run around exterior trail in park (roughly 1.2 miles).
  • Head back toward school.

Willamette to Adidas (approx. 3 miles)

  • >UP main drive to Willamette Blvd.
  • Use the cross walk and turn right.
  • Run up sidewalk along Willamette towards downtown.
  • After approximately 1.5 miles Willamette turns sharply to the left. Use the cone to cross to the other side of the street at least .25 miles before that.
  • When Willamette makes its sharp turn, continue straight onto Overlook Dr. Keep running along Overlook, while staying to the right on intersections until reaching Greeley.
  • Turn right on Greeley & run to Adidas campus.
  • Turn around and head back the way you came.

St. John's Loop

  • From UP, take a left on Willamette. Stay on the sidewalk toward St. John's bridge.
  • Cross under St. Johns and continue up for 2 blocks.
  • Turn around and run back under St. John's bridge.
  • Take the 1st left up the hill past the Police Station. 
  • Run past the post office and Safeway. 
  • Turn after Hollywood video and cross the street when it's safe.
  • Run through back streets paralleling Willamette.

Sauvie Island (approx. 1 - 13+ miles)

  • Arrive at Sauvie's Island. Park in gravel lot right after crossing the bridge (on your left).
  • Start running on main road and one loop is about 13 miles. You can detour to the beach or to a nature reserve (not many trails there though). Otherwise, stay on the main road. There are only a few roads on the island so you can't get lost, but you may end up running far.

Wildwood-Firelane 7 Loop (approx. 8.5 - 9 miles)

  • Start at the Wildwood trailhead on Germantown Road (on the left shortly before you get to skyline)
  • Run on Wildwood approx. 2.3 miles and you will hit a wide (road-width) trail. Take a sharp right and run uphill on this wide trail
  • At the top there's a clearing, take a left onto Firelane; the trail has a small sign posted
  • Keeping on 7, you will  eventually drop back down on to Wildwood, head left and stay on Wildwood back out to Germantown Road 

Willamette Loop (approx. 6.4 miles)

  • Start at corner of Willamette and Portsmouth
  • Run towards Portland Blvd. (1.4 miles when you get there)
  • Stay on Willamette and run along the bluff, cross Greeley, stay on Willamette
  • You will come to Interstate (approx. 3 miles), take a right and run down Interstate
  • Take a right downhill at the big intersection onto Going Road
  • Run down Going until just before the underpass; take a sharp right onto the ramp that goes up to Greeley
  • Turn right at the top of the ramp onto Greeley; you will run by Adidas
  • Stay on Willamette back to school

Smith and Bybee Lakes (approx. 10 miles)

  • Run out front entrance of UP, take left on Willamette. Go until right before bridge over railroad tracks and take a right onto Peninsula Crossing Trail.
  • Take trail 1 mile to Columbia and turn right to first light cross street-
  • Take first right cross railroad tracks and follow path near water treatment plant. You will cross over bridge and then go left until Portland Road.
  • Go right on Portland Road and cross at crosswalk.
  • Run down road that is blocked off (no cars). You are near Smith/Bybee nature reserve. After 1 mile on road, you can take paths that go past takes. Paths will be on your right.
  • Make any combination of paths and then head back the same way.