Outdoor Pursuits Orientation


General Information 

OPO is an opportunity for you to meet other new students, make meaningful connections, build friendships and get to know the incredible recreational opportunities that Oregon has to offer before you begin your first semester at UP.  All OPO courses take place before the Fall semester begins.  Registration opens on May 25th 

With OPO, you will be part of a group discovering what the great outdoors and the Oregon outdoors have to offer. Each OPO course is led by qualified student instructors who will give you instruction on both the adventurous activities and your upcoming college experience.

All OPO trips are seven days long. Participants will be housed in a dormitory and eat in the campus dining facilities on either end of the trip.  5 days of the trip will be spent in the backcountry and sleeping in a tent.  OPO trips are individually priced.  These prices are based on travel, permitting, equipment needs and working with outside companies as needed.   

How to Register

Phone/In Person: To register please call 503-943-8748 or visit us during open hours.  Our current hours of operation can be found at our hours page

Financial Assistance 

  • Financial assistance is available for all trips and programs offered by Outdoor Pursuits.
  • Please submit this form at least 2 weeks before the departure of the trip/start date of the program
  • Financial Assistance Application


All programs have finished for Summer 2022! Check back March 2023!