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Intramural Policies

  • Current students, faculty and staff in good standing are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports. Friends, guests, spouses and alumni are not eligible.
  • Intercollegiate athletes are not eligible to participate in the same or similar sport until one year has passed after their last practice or game with the NCAA team. If a year has passed they must play in the highest level of the sport.  If a sport has a maximum number of club players on a team, former intercollegiate players count toward that total.
  • Former professional athletes are not eligible to participate in the same or similar sport unless permission is granted by the Director of Recreational Services.
  • Participants are responsible to learn and abide by the eligibility & playing rules for each sport they play in. Some sports may have a limit of the number of sport club members who may play on a team.
  • Players who exhibit poor behavior may be suspended from intramural participation, and required to meet with the Director of Recreational Services, with further suspension possible.  Unacceptable behaviors include, but are not limited to: excessive or violent contact, verbal abuse of players or officials, fighting, multiple unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, cheating, playing as an ineligible player or destructive actions toward equipment, facility, staff or players.
  • A player suspension applies to all intramural sports during the suspension.
  • Players are subject to facility policies such as dress code, ID requirement, and conduct.
  • Captains are responsible for sharing information from Captains Meetings and emails with members of team.
  • Captains are responsible for the behavior of their players and fans before, during and after games.
  • Additional Intramural Sports policies and sport rules are available at