Electronic Payments | University of Portland

Electronic Payments

Check payments can be processed electronically via Nelnet. Electronic Check Payments can be processed for tuition, fees, room and board, and other related student account balances. Students will need to log onto their self-serve banner to access the Nelnet Enterprise System:

  • pilots.up.edu
  • Self-Serve Banner
  • Student Account Tab
  • Select Account Summary by term
  • Pay Now Button

Once you are in the Nelnet Enterprise System:

  • Select the appropriate term
  • Enter the dollar amount that is owing on your student account
  • Select payment method
    • Bank Account (Electronic Check Payment-ACH)
    • Credit/Debit Card *Additional fees are charged (Credit Card 3.39%, Debit Card 1.39%)
    • International Payment (only for our International students, this will take you to Flywire)

Students have the option to allow an Authorized Party to assist them in making one-time payments.  Students will need to set-up the Authorized Party in the Nelnet Enterprise system.  Once the student is in the Nelnet Enterprise system go to: 

  • My Profile
  • Click Add or Edit in the Manage Payers section
  • Authorized Party Information
    • Add Authorized Party
    • Authorized Party Access
    • Authorized Party Authentications
    • Web Access
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Save

Please confirm with your financial institution that third-party debits are allowed from your checking or savings account you wish to use to make a one-time payment.  Some financial institutions have a dollar limit to how much can be debited in one transaction, so you may want to verify with them ahead of time that the payment amount will be honored.  If you have not confirmed this, as well as the other information required to process the payment(s), we cannot confirm the payment(s) made will process successfully.  Please be aware that passbook savings, equity lines of credit, and most money market accounts do not allow third-party debits, so it is strongly suggested you confirm with your financial institution prior to attempting payments from these types of accounts.

It is your responsibility to make sure there are adequate funds in your account.  Please note that all payments will be cleared and processed by your financial institution to determine availability of funds.  Typically, this process can take up to 3-5 business days and is dependent upon your financial institution, so even if you have received a payment confirmation at the time of the transaction, your financial institution may still not honor the payment.  If your financial institution returns your e-payment unpaid for any reason, you will be charged a $30.00 return fee.

For any questions, please call Nelnet at 800.609.8056 and let them know you are making a one-time payment.   You can also access this information at mycollegepaymentplan.com/uportland.