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Payment Plans

The monthly payment plan administered by Nelnet (formerly Tuition Management Systems or TMS) allows University of Portland students and their parents to spread out annual college costs into a more manageable interest-free monthly installment plan. Please note that this payment plan is available for fall and spring semesters only, and is not available for students participating in the IES program.

Nelnet does not have access to University of Portland student account information. When you contract to pay through Nelnet, they will set the plan up for any amount you request. To determine your plan budget, start with your total education expenses for the coming year. Subtract any grants or financial aid. Divide this amount by the number of payments offered in your plan. Please feel free to call the Student Accounts office if you would like help determining your plan budget. To enroll, call TMS at 1.800.722.4867 or enroll on their website,

Upon enrollment, you will receive separate monthly statements from the University of Portland and Nelnet:

  • The statement you receive from the University of Portland will list tuition, fees, room and board (if applicable), miscellaneous charges and credits, financial aid credits, and a credit for the semester amount you have contracted to pay through Nelnet. Even if you have arranged to use Nelnet to pay all student account charges, if you incur additional charges or credits during the semester the Nelnet plan will not be automatically adjusted to reflect those changes, and any outstanding amount will be due immediately. If you would like to have your Nelnet plan automatically adjusted to reflect changes on the student account, you may do so by submitting the Authorization to Adjust Monthly Payment Plan. All accounts with authorization to adjust the Nelnet monthly payment will be audited shortly after the 15th of the month. Accounts with a balance due will have the monthly payments raised to cover the amount due on the student account, and accounts with a credit balance will have the monthly payment lowered to reflect the credit. Both the student and payer on the Nelnet plan will be notified via email of the new monthly payment amount. If you need to have your student account reviewed or your payment plan adjusted at any other time during the month, please call the Office of Student Accounts directly.
  • The statement from Nelnet will be for the monthly amount you have set up to pay to them. You will receive a bill each month. Nelnet offers several options for making monthly payments during the fall and spring semesters; including check or money order, automatic deduction, and on-line payment (a fee will be charged for credit and debit card payments). Any monthly payments received by Nelnet after the 15th of the month may result in an assessed service charge. You are strongly encouraged to send in your payment at least seven business days in advance of the due date, or to sign up for the automatic payment option and have your payments deducted from your checking or statement savings account. For more information regarding Nelnet payment options go to Nelnet FAQs.
  • A hold will be placed on student accounts with outstanding balances, and/or who are delinquent on their Nelnet monthly payments. Please refer to the student accounts hold policy for more information.
  • UP offers a monthly payment plan through Nelnet as a courtesy to our students. It is important that those who opt for this plan stay current on their monthly payments. Missing payments may result in cancellation of the plan and make a student ineligible to participate in the monthly payment plan for future terms.

Payment Schedule

You may set up your payment plan for one semester, or for the entire year. It is more economical to set up an annual plan, so if you expect to attend the entire year a 10-, 9-, or 8-month plan may be your best option. The monthly payments are interest-free and are due on the 15th of each month.

Annual Plans

  • 10-Pay Plan: July 15 - April 15
  • 9-Pay Plan: August 15 - April 15
  • 8-Pay Plan: September 15-April 15

Semester Plans

  • 5-Pay Fall Plan:July 15-November 15
  • 4-Pay Fall Plan: August 15-November 15
  • 5-Pay Spring Plan: December 15-April 15
  • 4-Pay Spring Plan: January 15-April 15

Enrollment Fees

A fee is required to sign up for Nelnet:

  • Annual plan - $80
  • Semester plan - $55
Monthly Payment Plan Terms & Conditions