Payment Plans

The monthly payment plan administered by Nelnet allows University of Portland students to spread out annual college costs into a more manageable interest-free installment plan.  Please note that this payment plan option is not available for students participating in the IES program. 

The process is simple. 

  • Log on to
  • Select Self-Serve Banner
  • Student Account Tab
  • Select Account Summary
  • Pay Now Button
  • This will bring you to the Nelnet Enterprise System, select set-up a monthly payment plan.
  • Follow the Nelnet instructions to set-up your monthly payment plan.

Students have the option to allow an Authorized Party to assist them in making the monthly payments.  Students will need to set-up Authorized Party in the Nelnet Enterprise system.  Once the student is in the Nelnet Enterprise system go to: 

  • My Profile
  • Click Add or Edit in the Manage Payers section
  • Authorized Party Information
    • Add Authorized Party
    • Authorized Party Access
    • Authorized party Authentications
    • Web Access
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Save

Nelnet does not have access to University of Portland student account information.  When you contract to pay through Nelnet, your plan is set-up for the amount you are requesting for the semester.  Please review your student account balance information on Pilots UP for the most current and up-to-date account information.

Students can contact Nelnet at 800-609-8056.

You can also access the instructions at:

Payment Schedule

Payment plans are set-up based on each semester.  Below is the schedule for enrolling in a semester payment plan.  Each semester plan has an enrollment fee of $48.00, this fee is non-refundable and is required by Nelnet.  Your payment will be automatically debited (ACH) from your checking or savings account or by using a credit card/debit card, each month on the 15th of the month.  Card types that are accepted are MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Amex.  Please note there will be additional fees charged when using a credit card up to 3.29%.  It is important to realize that you cannot make back payments on a plan.  If you wish to have a 5-month plan, please make sure you establish your plan on the day the plan becomes available. 


Summer Payment Plans: Opens on April 1 (3-month plan) *$48 Enrollment Fee

  • Last day to sign up for a summer plan May 12
    • May 15 – July 15


Fall Payment Plans: Opens on June 1 (5-4-3-month plan) *$48 Enrollment Fee

  • Last day to enroll in a 5-month plan is July 13
    • July 15- November 15
  • Last day to enroll in a 4-month plan is August 12
    • August 15 – November 15
  • Last day to enroll in a 3-month plan is September 13
    • September 15 – November 15


Spring Payment Plans: Opens on October 1 *$48 Enrollment Fee

  • Last day to enroll in a 5-month plan is December 12
    • December 15 – April 15
  • Last day to enroll in a 4-month plan is January 13
    • January 15 – April 15
  • Last day to enroll in a 3-month plan is February 11
    • February 15 – April 15


A hold will be placed on student accounts with outstanding balances, and/or who are delinquent on their Nelnet monthly payments.  Please refer to the student account hold policy for more information. 

UP offers a monthly payment plan through Nelnet as a courtesy to our students.  It is important that those who opt for this plan stay current on their monthly payments.  Missing payments will result in cancellation of the plan and make a student ineligible to participate in the monthly payment plan in the future.