2020 Internship Stories

Check out what internships our students had in 2020.

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Justin Manahan

Justin Manahan - Class of 2022
Project Intern at P&C Construction

"Landing an internship is one of the best learning opportunities for college students and can help sets them up for great success in college and in their future."

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Caitlin Kirk

Caitlin Kirk - Class of 2021
Sales Development Intern at SurveyMonkey

"Internships are also a great opportunity to get to know a company’s culture and what types of company culture we will want to look for in future jobs. "

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Morgan Glaub

Morgan Glaub - Class of 2021
Marketing and Communication Internship at Oregon Shines

"Internships have been the perfect blend of experience for me. Not only have they given me experience, but I have also made a range of connections outside of the University in my career field."

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Jake Silver

Jake Silver - Class of 2021
Sports Marketing Intern at University of Portland Athletics Department

"Working for the Portland Pilots sports marketing department helped bridge my passion for sports with my professional interests."

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Merel Jacobs

Merel Jacobs - Class of 2020
Research Assistant at Oregon Health & Science University

"I believe that internships provide students with hands-on experience that can’t be taught in a classroom."

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Claire Hawkins

Claire Hawkins - Class of 2021
Marketing Intern at Webfor

"I believe internships are important for undergraduate students because they give amazing opportunities to shadow people from different areas of a company."

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Kathryn Lampe

Kathryn Lampe - Class of 2021
Communications and Events Intern at Columbia Springs

"Working remotely on an internship, especially part-time, can be challenging, but absolutely rewarding and exciting."

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Hallie Turk

Hallie Turk - Class of 2022
Construction Engineering Intern at SECON Southeast Alaska

"Internships are important because they guide students toward a career-driven mindset."

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William Heyler

William Heyler - Class of 2023
Summer Intern: Customer Service at First Insurance Company of Hawaii

"This year I learned several important things about the corporate world and what it is like to work in an office during a global pandemic, both skills that will be useful into the future."

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An Vo

An Vo - Class of 2021
Data Analyst Intern at Construct Foundation

"From this internship, I personally learned about the kind of work, the volume of work and the expectation from the executives that I might have to face in the real job."

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Ben Fuller

Ben Fuller - Class of 2021
Security Engineer Intern at PayPal

"I wanted an internship that would allow me to grow my understanding of cyber security and allow myself to see how different teams work together to strengthen an organization’s security posture."

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Rachel Hu

Rachel Hu - Class of 2021
Sales Development Intern at SurveyMonkey

"I personally don’t know what direction I want my career to go after graduation, so I was thrilled to have an internship in one of my interests."

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Rob Hughes

Rob Hughes - Class of Fuel Market Analyst at Star Oilco

"Don't be afraid to ask to try and do something, it will only show initiative and drive."

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