Teambuilding Program | University of Portland

Teambuilding Program

Outdoor Pursuits is excited to offer teambuilding programs to University of Portland student groups, staff, and affiliates! 

What is the teambuilding program?

OPP's teambuilding programs are designed with to foster trust, communication, and group development (and of course, fun!) with your group. These programs are generally 2 hours long, but can be adjusted to fit your group's needs. Teambuilding programs are facilitated by Outdoor Pursuits staff trained in group development strategies, games, and initiatives. OPP staff will build an agenda of games and initiatives based on your group's Needs Assessment Form

How do I go about scheduling a teambuilding program? 

Please fill out the Needs Assessment Form and email it to Rae Pickens, OPP manager ( with at least 3 potential times in mind. There is no set time that OPP offers programs, we are flexible to the needs of your group, as long as we have staff available to facilitate. Please try to reach out at least a month in advance of your proposed program dates to give OPP as much time as possible to accommodate your program. 

How many people can you accommodate?

The minimum group size for a teambuilding program is 6 people, and the soft maximum is 50 people. We can accommodate groups larger than 50 with enough advance notice for staffing. 

What does a sample teambuilding program look like? 

This is a sample itinerary for a teambuilding program. 

How much does it cost? How can we pay? 

The teambuilding program costs $10 per participant. Payment is due one week in advance of your program, when your participant number and price are locked in. Less than one week before your program, no changes to participant number may be made and no refunds are offered for no-show participants. OPP can accept group payments by P-card or by internal transfer. 

For groups paying as individuals, OPP can set up a individual payment portal on our website. 

Additional Program Policies

  • Payment is due 1 week in advance of your program. 
  • Groups have up until 1 week before the program date to change their number of participants and pricing, otherwise that price is locked in.  
  • No refunds are offered for no-show participants, for any reason. 
  • Outdoor Pursuits staff reserve the right to dismiss any participant from a program at their discretion- for reasons including but not limited to: aggression, discrimination, harassment, failure to follow instruction. No refunds are provided for individuals dismissed from programs due to behavior. 

Feel free to reach out to Rae Pickens ( with any further questions.