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Alumni Profiles

Augusto Carneiro

Augusto Carneiro - Class of 2001
Mechanical Engineering

"At UP, I learned the art of leading my peers. "

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Katie Scally

Katie Scally - Class of 2011
Communication Studies and Political Science

"People can make a difference in their communities. "

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Photo of Kenny King

Kenny King - Class of 2012, 2017
Global Business and German Studies, MBA in Nonprofit Management

"Let passion drive your work."

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photo of Olivia Anderson

Olivia Anderson - Class of 2017

"Care and compassion motivate me"

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photo of Megan Lester

Megan Lester - Class of 2015
English and German Studies

"UP set the stage for my career."

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photo of Ramon “RJ” Tagorda

Ramon “RJ” Tagorda - Class of 2015
Master of Arts in Education, PACE Program

"Your success is important at UP."

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Joe Novello

Joe Novello - Class of 2004

"The University made me who I am today. "

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Claire Clelland

Claire Clelland - Class of 2005
Biology and Philosophy

"My liberal arts education was essential."

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photo of Shannon Danforth

Shannon Danforth - Class of 2016
Civil Engineering

"Rigorous classes prepared me well."

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