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Community Assistants

Community assistants (CAs) are members of a residence leadership team who play an important role in supporting the development of their communities at the University of Portland. In this role, CAs serve their fellow residents in ways that enhance the quality of life in the hall through the delivery of service and hospitality. Outstanding CAs are role models for their fellow residents and would be described by others as warm, conscientious, and kind. CAs have the opportunity to gain knowledge of the hall and the campus, as well as grow in their own leadership skills to prepare for future pursuits at the University of Portland and beyond.

What Does a Community Assistant Do?

CAs are often the first people that visitors and new students encounter as they enter a residence hall. A community assistant's attitude and demeanor, ability to relate to all groups of residents, attentiveness to those who enter the building, and enjoyment of the job can set the tone for a person's whole experience in the hall. CAs work in the hall in which they live and are paid hourly. Below are some of the essential functions of the position.

Community Engagement

CAs serve their fellow residents by serving as a student leader and supporting programming efforts. They actively engage their hall community by assisting with and creating opportunities for the members of their hall to connect. During desk shifts, CAs welcome students, staff, and pastoral residents home when they return to the residence hall.

Hall Operations

CAs maintain a front desk area to support students in accessing hall items, support hall communication, and help create a positive and comfortable environment for all residents in hall community. CAs ensure that students can check out hall items such as vacuums, kitchen supplies, games, and recreation equipment, and they inspect returned items for damage or wear and tear.


CAs seek opportunities to enhance life in the hall. They engage with their supervisor (Assistant Hall Director) and other hall staff to develop their own leadership skills and provide thoughtful feedback about ways to improve the quality of life within the residence hall. CAs participate in all scheduled CA meetings and trainings.

Who Can Be a Community Assistant?

We seek qualified candidates who have the experience and skills detailed below:

  • Reside in and support the overall well-being of community within assigned residence hall.
  • Interest in coordinating, planning, and hosting community-building programs.
  • Thoughtful listening skills and ability to understand and respond to the needs of others.
  • Open to feedback concerning job performance and leadership development.

If applying, CA candidates should be interested in the following:

  • Cultivate passive and active opportunities for students within assigned residence hall to engage and connect with each other.
  • Act as a role model and support the mission, values, and requirements of the University of Portland.
  • Actively seek opportunities to enhance personal, professional, and and leadership development.
  • Provide suggestions for how to improve life within the residence hall to other hall leaders.

Community Assistant Application Process

Typically, CAs are hired at the end of an academic year for the following year. The selection process includes an application, resume, and cover letter. All on-campus residents are eligible to apply.

The general 2023-2024 Community Assistant selection process has concluded. Assistant Hall Directors may conduct mid-year selection processes if a need arises.

The 2024-2025 Community Assistant selection process is expected start in March 2024.

Interested students should contact their Assistant Hall Director. Please see our Contact Us page for full contact details.

2023-2024 Community Assistant Job Description (updated 2023.07)