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Hall Staff

The University lives out its mission of teaching and learning, faith and formation, service and leadership, nowhere better than in its residence halls. It is in these communities that the residence life hall staff promotes mutual respect, faith development, and service to fellow hall members and the University community at large.

We hire live-in professional and student staff to invest in the lives of our residents educationally and spiritually and lead our hall communities through a ministry of presence and role modeling. Additionally, a number of Holy Cross priests and brothers employed on campus live within our halls as "pastoral residents," providing spiritual guidance for our students and celebrating a weekly Mass in the hall chapel.

Professional Staff

Three UP hall directors

Area Coordinators & Hall Directors

Area Coordinators and Hall Directors are full-time staff members who have primary ownership for the well-being and development of the students in their assigned hall, as well as for the physical needs of the building.

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Three UP assistant hall directors

Assistant Hall Directors

Assistant hall directors are typically graduate students in the MA HESA program who serve as leaders in the hall community. This part-time position plays a crucial, supportive role in the team that provides hall leadership.

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Student Staff

four UP resident assistants

Resident Assistants

Resident assistants are juniors and seniors each assigned to a specific residence hall floor or wing. They develop community, invest in the lives of students, and serve as leaders in the hall community.

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