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Modify Housing

Requesting a Housing Change

UP students sign a housing and dining contract for an entire academic year (both Fall and Spring semesters). As per your signed housing contract, you may be released from it (the agreed-upon terms) by any one of the following options: (a) withdrawing from school; (b) marriage; (c) graduation; (d) approved study abroad; (e) serious extenuating circumstances beyond your control that were not present at the time of housing selection. In these cases, the Office of Residence Life will need to see and evaluate appropriate documentation. Students who move out of on-campus housing without formal approval/release from their housing contract will continue to be charged for room and board for the entire academic year. Please see the housing cancellation dates below. 

Until March 31st: No formal request needed and no cancellation fee. Email to cancel.

After March 31st and through the academic year: Requests need to be submitted through eRezLife. Approvals are rare. There is a $1,000 cancellation. 

UP and the Office of Residence Life team have many resources and supports in place to assist any students who feel they need to change their housing assignment during the academic year. Email us at any time for support in this area. 

Below are forms that can be used to request a change to the terms of your housing contract or to your housing assignment. 

  • Room Change Request Form:  To notify us that you will be changing the room or hall to which you are assigned. This requires approval by your Hall Director and, when applicable, approval of the Hall Director whose hall you will be moving to. You can log onto eResLife and access the form there to start the process. Reach out to your Hall Director with any questions 
  • Less than Full-Time Student Request Form: To petition to live in on-campus housing when you will no longer be a full-time student. Indicate the number of credit hours you are taking or will be taking when you drop below full-time status (12 credits for undergraduate students and 9 credits for graduate students), and include a brief explanation of your reason for dropping below full-time status. This form is found in eRezLife, please log in and complete the form. 
  • Early/Late Arrival Request Form: To request to arrive earlier than the date halls open at the beginning of a semester, or to stay later than the date halls close at the end of a semester. This requires an explanation and, if approved, your student account will be charged $55 per day that you move in early or stay late. Generally, requests are only approved for a single day's early arrival or late stay. This form is currently closed.