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University of Portland student Henry Hanson earns scholarship for a yearlong internship in Germany

Henry Hanson, majoring in engineering and German Studies at the University of Portland, has received a Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange scholarship for a yearlong internship in Germany. Hanson, a senior from Eugene, is the third University of Portland student to receive the honor in the last two years. Last year’s CBYX scholarship winners were Lara Grenko and Justus Peacock-Broyles.

Hanson, a 2003 graduate of MaristHigh School, will learn later this year where he will be placed in Germany. The yearlong program includes intensive language training, course work and research in engineering, his field of study.

“Henry is exactly the kind of creative, flexible thinker, who will derive great benefit from this scholarship,” said foreign language professor Laura McLary. “Equally important are the contributions he will make to the CBYX program and to his working partners in Germany.”

The CBYX program, created in 1983, is supported by the United States Congress and the German Bundestag. Participants must be between the ages of 18-24 and current citizens of the United States to take part. Applicants do not need to be presently enrolled in a college or university, but should have well-defined career goals with related work experience, flexibility, good communication skills, diplomacy, and a strong sense of American identity.

The program is designed primarily for young adults in business, technical, engineering, agricultural, and vocational fields, though candidates in all fields are encouraged to apply.

It was established to celebrate the 300th anniversary of German settlement of the United States and has been renewed by both legislative bodies since its inception. Thus far, more than 17,000 German and American students have completed their exchange through the program, which provides a full exchange year complete with orientation and language programs, and travel opportunities within Germany and the United States. The exchange year culminates at a conference in Washington, D.C. in which German and American students reflect on their exchange year and share their experiences.

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