Intercultural Engagement Ambassadors

Position Description

Intercultural Engagement Ambassadors are a vibrant group of UP student leaders who enhance student experiences by fostering intercultural awareness and understanding within the context of each residence hall at UP. Through collaboration with International Student Services, Multicultural Programs, International Languages and Cultures, and Residence Life, the Intercultural Education Ambassadors are supported in their work to actively grow in their experience and understanding of cross-cultural competencies, international education, and diversity awareness and appreciation.


  • Plan hall events related to international issues, languages, and cultures.
  • Presence at all Hall Council meetings.
  • One credit Communication Reflection seminar (CST 491)
  • Bring students in the hall to campus events that support culture and diversity awareness and competency around campus.
  • Support all students in the hall develop skills and understanding for cross-cultural communication. Especially welcome international students and those from different cultures around the U.S.
  • Bi-monthly supervision meeting with Residence Life Senior Hall Staff.
  • Collaborate with other ICCs to plan quad events related to the intercultural position.
  • Respond to the needs of the hall.
  • *NOTE: the detailed responsibilities will be unique for each particular hall and will be outlined in conversation with the residence hall Senior Staff.

Time Commitment & Required Availability

  • Approximately 2-5 hours per week
  • Move in early for on-boarding and to assist with welcoming new students on move-in day.
  • Enrollment and weekly participation in connected academic course offering.
  • Regular 1:1 advising meetings with Senior Hall staff, and Ambassador Steering Team.
  • Presence and planning of hall events or attendance at campus events with residents.

Benefits for participation

  • Early arrival and move-in to campus for Fall semester.
  • Hall swag, name tag, and experience as a hall student leader within the residence hall community.
  • Academic course credit for successful completion of the affiliated academic class.
  • Ongoing leadership development and formation
  • Transferable skills to be leveraged for future leadership positions and employment.

For questions regarding this leadership position, please contact Residence Life at