2020 New Faculty Profiles | University of Portland

2020 New Faculty Profiles

Air Force ROTC 

Col. R. Scott Grainger

Col. R. Scott Grainger Professor of Aerospace Studies, Air Force ROTC

"I’m excited to return to the Bluff to teach, lead and mentor the next generation of Air Force leaders."

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Lt. Col. Jack Raitt

Lt. Col. Jack Raitt Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies, Air Force ROTC

"Lt. Col. Raitt has served in a variety of communications and cyber billets and was an instructor for the Air Force ROTC at the University of Nebraska, Omaha."

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Lt. Jena Zander

Lt. Jena Zander Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies, Air Force ROTC

"I aim to empower and inspire the next generation of leaders by investing in their education and personal development."

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Glenna Clifton

Glenna Clifton Assistant Professor, Biology

"I foster a supportive learning environment for students as they grapple with new skills, apply knowledge to everyday experiences, and deepen their understanding of the natural world."

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Bonnie Sumner

Bonnie Sumner Visiting Instructor, Biology

"As an instructor my goal is not to just teach students information, but how to relate that information to themselves and their future careers to begin of a lifetime of learning."

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Communication Studies 

Deborah Macey

Deborah Macey Instructor, Communication Studies

"I hope my teaching, research, and service help students see beyond their personal experiences to engage with the diverse world around them striving for social justice."

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Shaghayegh (Sherry) Abbasi

Shaghayegh (Sherry) Abbasi Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Shiley School of Engineering

"I aspire to reveal the joy of learning to my students as we rediscover our innate curiosity together."

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Brian Fabien

Brian Fabien Dean, Shiley School of Engineering

"I look forward to engaging with the students, staff, and faculty at UP in our shared mission to serve our local and global community."

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Jordy Wolfand

Jordy Wolfand Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, Shiley School of Engineering

"I love working with our students, as both a teacher and mentor! I also love that I get to do both teaching and research.”"

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Teng Li

Teng Li Visiting Instructor, History

"I believe that East Asian history is one of the fields where the line from Faulkner, “the past is never dead. It is not even past,” applies."

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International Languages and Cultures

Katya Hall

Katya Hall Instructor, International Languages and Cultures

"I believe that learning a foreign language trains your brain and opens new ways of viewing the world."

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Christina Prucha

Christina Prucha Head of Collection Services, Clark Library

"Christina hails from St. Louis, Missouri where she was the Director of Library Services at State Technical College."

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Nermine Ramadan

Nermine Ramadan Visiting Instructor, Mathematics

"As a math instructor, I believes that conveying the importance of math as an essential tool for all sciences is the first step towards students’ success in studying math."

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Sarah Sterner

Sarah Sterner Instructor, Mathematics

"I believe it is impossible to learn mathematics without making mistakes. We must, as students, teachers, and citizens of the world learn to embrace our mistakes in order to be successful."

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Devin Apland

Devin Apland Instructor, School of Nursing

"Central to my teaching philosophy is the belief that learning occurs best when it is a collaborative effort between students and faculty."

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Marjorie Attis-Josias

Marjorie Attis-Josias Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

"I am excited to embark on this journey as a tenure-track professor and look forward to my service to UP and our community."

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Kaleigh Barnett

Kaleigh Barnett Instructor, School of Nursing

"I love seeing students put their didactic knowledge into practice and having those “ah ha” moments in the simulation and clinical setting. I am excited to share my passion for patient care and advocacy with students as they continue to develop their own nursing practice."

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Elizabeth (Beth) Baynes

Elizabeth (Beth) Baynes Instructor, School of Nursing

"My teaching philosophy for clinical nursing education is grounded in the knowledge that students learn best in a positive and supportive learning environment."

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Maureen Briare

Maureen Briare Instructor, School of Nursing

"Nursing and music? My answer is yes! There is inherent beauty in the art of caring and the art of music, that draws us ever deeper into our human experience."

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Sandra Calm

Sandra Calm Instructor, School of Nursing

"I have been inspired to support and foster the incredible work ethic, dedication, and capacity for excellence UP nursing students demonstrate."

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Andra Davis

Andra Davis Associate Professor, School of Nursing

"I hope that through mentorship and shared-learning encounters, I will contribute to nurses’ construction of a personal vision of the art and science of their practice, cultivating development of stellar clinical practitioners and dynamic leaders."

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Colleen French

Colleen French Instructor, School of Nursing

"I am committed to helping nursing students succeed and having a judgement free environment to ask question and learn to their fullest capability."

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Christina Hennelly

Christina Hennelly Instructor, School of Nursing

"I am here to foster a safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment for students built on the assumption everyone is doing their best."

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Traci Kitterman

Traci Kitterman Instructor, School of Nursing

"Teaching provides an opportunity to share the vast trove of experiences and knowledge I have gained; but I never cease to learn something from my students!"

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Andrew Lafrenz

Andrew Lafrenz Associate Professor, School of Nursing

"As we are seeing first-hand during the coronavirus pandemic, the strength of our society is directly influenced by the health of our communities. My priority is to improve the health and wellness of all populations, particularly those disproportionately impacted."

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Lisa Le-Vaughan

Lisa Le-Vaughan Instructor, School of Nursing

"I am excited by the prospect of working alongside the faculty and staff of UP to help develop compassionate and extraordinary nurses."

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Claire McKinley Yoder

Claire McKinley Yoder Instructor, School of Nursing

"I value the diversity of background and life experiences that each student brings to the nursing profession and partner with students to facilitate their development into the professional role as they contribute to the development of the nursing profession."

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Ali Newhall

Ali Newhall Instructor, School of Nursing

"I have learned firsthand the value of being open-minded and approachable for all students to help them achieve success."

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Corey Pressman

Corey Pressman Instructor, School of Nursing

"For material to be usefully integrated into a student’s interior, the student must meet that material with intrinsic interest. All my teaching, either in a classroom, workshop, or lab, stems from a pedagogical practice of sparking and sustaining that interest, to letting students learn."

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Alicia Printemps-Herget

Alicia Printemps-Herget Clinical Liaison Instructor, School of Nursing

"I hope to help instill in student nurses a sense of purpose and a foundation for developing a nursing identity that reflects our core values, ethics, and role in society as well as an appreciation for the powerful combination of art and science that nursing represents."

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Stephanie Sideras

Stephanie Sideras Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

"I am delighted to join the UP faculty and look forward to engaging in educational research that will benefit both students and our nursing program."

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Mary Stevenson

Mary Stevenson Instructor, School of Nursing

"I believe in empowering students to make critical decisions equipped with the broad base of information necessary in the challenging field of nursing. "

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Timothy Winslea

Timothy Winslea Instructor, School of Nursing

"I believe that the stories, cultures, and experiences that teachers and students bring with them into the classroom are essential foundations upon which new learning can be achieved."

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Performing and Fine Arts

Rebekah Hanson

Rebekah Hanson Assistant Professor, Performing and Fine Arts

"My goal as a conductor, teacher, and chamber musician is to help students and audiences understand both the technical work that goes into a performance, and also the sense of awe and wonder that music brings to our lives."

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Psychological Sciences

Lauren Berger

Lauren Berger Assistant Professor, Psychological Sciences

"I look forward to supporting the development of well-informed, socially responsible contributors to society by integrating diverse perspectives and historically underrepresented voices into the classroom and laboratory learning environment, as well as cultivating partnerships with underserved communities."

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Sociology and Social Work

Anita Gooding

Anita Gooding Visiting Instructor, Sociology and Social Work

"Teaching is personal. It involves holding student vulnerabilities, sharing your principles, and upholding the values of the learning institution. At its core, my passion for teaching comes from a desire to make the world a better place."

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Lizz Schallert

Lizz Schallert Instructor, Sociology and Social Work

"I am passionate about helping students build critical analysis, uncover the radical roots of their profession, and implement tangible skills as actors of social change."

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Brandy Daniels

Brandy Daniels Assistant Professor, Theology

"Dr. Daniels has published on topics ranging from Bonhoeffer and Foucault on racial identity, to poststructuralism and liberation theology, to Eastern Orthodox apophatic theology and Lacanian psychoanalytic theory."

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